WPL1000 Weighing System

The WPL1000 Is a flexible, highly configurable and reliable weigh system. The WPL1000 consists of a strong stainless-steel frame, a digital load cell for optimal precision, industrial quality touch screen pc and a label printer.

The device is especially designed for the food industry and available in a stainless-steel IP65 implementation.

The WPL1000 is available in various versions. Depending of your needs we offer different weigh ranges among which 3, 6, 15, 30, 60 or 150 kg. Precision is ranging from 0.5 gram! For the demanding user we offer a multi range weigh interval, depending on products. A 15 kg scale can weigh, for example, till 6 kg with an interval of 2 grams and from 6 to 15 kg with an interval of 5 grams.

The WPL1000 system has over 70 functions built-in which are operated through a touch screen pc. The system weighs and registers so fast, the user is the slowing down factor. Speeds of up to 25 units per minute are feasible.

  • Product Characteristics
  • Characteristics:

    - Very fast weighing
    - Digital load cell
    - Productivity enhancing
    - Optional weight scanner
    - Flexible because of extensive software
    - Designed for reliability
    - Stainless-steel construction
    - Various weight ranges
    - Easy label layout

  • Extension possibilities for optimal usage
  • Extension possibilities for optimal usage:

    - E-sign registration
    - Roller system weigh table
    - Watertight load cell IP67
    - Sort by weight
    - Stock lists / package order
    - Import / export to various ERP systems
    - Additional label printers
    - Scan function