Giving away too much product day after day you lose money. By taking samples you do a direct check if the package contains too much or too little product. The system gives clear visual warnings for maximal control, enabling you to monitor compliance with the law on quantity indication.

At the measuring you can also add numerous other queries making the system suitable as a supplement tool for ISO, IFS or BRX checks. By the flexible and modular design the software can grow with your company. With the SQL module you can make sample checks of all sorts of products, from dry sausages to salads, from medications to beer, from toothpaste to sunburn cream. You name it!

The module can be coupled to dozens of balance manufacturers and in combination with the LCU hardware you can place equipment as industrial terminals in the production line(s). Making a sample check can be a matter of minutes!
The software has been approved by Dutch Metrology Institute allowing you to use the e-sign if your batches are up to standard.
Using the Omega weigh-label module you can in a simple manner weigh and label per piece or register and label orders. With the Omega weigh-label module you own a powerful system that is very easy to control in combination with a touch screen computer. If your current software provides import/export possibilities you can link the weigh-label module easily to your own software.

  • Product Characteristics
  • Characteristics LCU Software (Omega):

    The Omega module has an in-built e-sign registration system and can act as a full weigh-price-label machine. Including 100% barcode check and private labels.
    Numerous terminal equipment can be linked to Omega among which several weight indicators, label printers, industrial ink jet printers, weigh-price-label machines, metal detectors and check-weigh devices.Both packaging and registering at an article level and registering at order level is possible by means of simple input screens.

    - Dynamic and static weighing
    - Weigh in / weigh out / internal
    - Tare / preset tare
    - Order weighing
    - XML import / export
    - Inline scanning
    - Return corrections
    - Statistical reporting
    - Histograms
    - Various import / export functions
    - Scale independent
    - Packaging / labelling
    - Batch registration
    - Beef labelling
    - Dynamical screens
    - Consumer pricing
    - Piece, crate, pallet labels
    - Barcodes / scanning
    - Classification
    - End line weighing
    - Various weight indicators
    - Network version
    - Central label management