R10 Web controller software

WPL Industries BV (Netherlands) - WPL Industries launches a software package to control the R10 indicator series over a wifi connection locally or over the internet. The web application allows easy, fast and safe access, from anywhere, to R10 series of weight Indicators connected to scales and platforms. The web controller allows the user to remotely execute all actions in the weight indicator, as if in front of it. Even advanced functions are accessible through the built in terminal option. The application implements also the visualization of the physical display of the Indicator, thus allowing full control of the equipment and the real-time visualization of the weight updates. The R10 web controller is compatible with the full range of the WPL R10 series Indicators and is available for Android® and Apple® mobile devices, in smartphone and tablet formats, and for PC formats for Windows®, Linux® and OSX®. General features: Control the Weight Indicators remotely as if in front of them. Allows remote support by the manufactor if connected to internet Export of weight data Real time visualization of the weight update. Access to all functions available in the connected weight indicator. Access to all signal indicators that shows the current state of the equipment: Stable, Unstable, Tare, Gross, Nett Besides the normal operating mode, Advanced configuration and editing modes for the indicator settings. Compatible with Android® or Apple® mobile devices in smartphone and tablet formats. For more information about this article from WPL Industries BV: http://wpl-industries.com/en/R10%20Web%20controller%20software