Drive on platforms

Platform with extra-thin profile that eases the handling of pallets and forklift trucks, The load cells are mounted on autocentered pivoting feet.
Range Capacity: 150kg, 300kg, 600kg, 1500kg.
Dimensions: 1000×1000, 1250×850, 1250×1500, 1500×1500 (mm).

  • Product Characteristics
  • • “ZI” model: The finishing’s using stainless steel AISI 304 guarantee an effective protection against corrosion
    in critical environments.
    • Dismountable platform that eases the access to load cells and the junction box.
    • Designed to work with one or two ramps.
    • Junction box using guarantees IP68 protection for “ZI” Model and IP67 for “Z” Model.
    • Static overload limit in the load cell.
    • 4 CS load cells – “