Complete new line of weighing indicators

WPL Industries has developped a complete new line of professional microcontroller based weighing indicators . Our new range of indicators are fast, accurate and modern. The range of indicators are made with the highest level of quality and designed and build in the Netherlands. Connectivity through WIFI/Bluetooth/Profibus/Profinet/RS232/RS485/CANBUS/Ethernet are possible. Also the indicators are supporting the Iot (Internet of Things). Weighing results can be viewed instantly with the optional webserver. The indicators are can work standalone as a weighing terminal or as process controller but they are also designed for OEM'ers. The indicators have a build in CLI ( command line interpreter ) with over 100 commands to control weighing processes. For programmers there is a optional programming package supporting control of the indicator through the Python programming language. It is possible to make a script in just a few lines of code to control use the indicator as part of a checkweigher or as a part of a filling process. The indicators have a legal for trade approval and can be used for static weighing and dynamic weighing. Currently there are different models with different displays. From a basic display with 7 segment leds to a model with a 7" touchscreen. For more information please visit our product page.