CW3300 Checkweigher

Check-weigh devices are part of the logistic processes and specific production processes for weighing and sorting both unprocessed and packed products. Check-weigh machines are used for the detection of incomplete products (missing items) or specifically used for weight management. In combination with for example a tendency regulator external devices and machines can be adjusted by the check-weigh device. Because of this you save product by not giving away surplus, you have less waste and more output.

Our check-weigh devices have been especially devised for several applications in different industries. Thus all kinds of products can be weighed. Examples are parcels, bags, bottles, cans, pots, vegetables and boxes. They are also suitable for the most demanding production environment en can easily be combined with metal detectors and vision devices.

  • Product Characteristics
  • CW2200 and CW3300 Series

    By its modular design the CW2200 and CW3300 machines have an optimal flexibility. The CW2200 and CW3300 series use the most modern weigh and check techniques. Combined with the tough stainless steel construction this machine can function for many years in extreme production environments.

    The CW2200 and CW3300 series can be used to check product weights end reject products based on minimum weight or according to e-weigh directives.

    The CW2200 and CW3300 series are available in five different versions depending on the product weight;0.01 gram weight interval up to 1.2 kg / 0.5 gram weight interval up to 3 kg / 2 gram weight interval up to 6 kg / 5 gram weight interval up to 15 kg / 10 gram weight interval up to 30 kg – depending on the products to weigh. The speed of weigh registrations can go over 200 articles per minute. Other weight ranges are possible, please contact us for more information.
    With these five models the CW2200 and CW3300 series can provide a satisfying answer to the modern food industry.

    The CW2200 and CW3300 series are developed keeping functionality and user friendliness in mind. It is a unique machine in the current market considering its possibilities. The CW2200 is delivered standard with the extensive and well known Omega software package.

    The standard software is approved by the Dutch Metrology Institute.

    Connectivity with ERP system through XML and web services are available.

    Connection to filling machine can be done through analaog io/digital io/ Profinet and Profibus