CW2200 Combi Checkweigher

The CW2200 checkweigher with metal detector guarantees robustness, reliability and meets the many specific requirements in every business sector.

Checkweighing devices improve the efficiency and profitability of your logistic processes by weighing and sorting both unprocessed and packed products. Our checkweigh machines are used for detection of incomplete products (missing items) or specifically used for weight management. By implementing this machine you will save product by not giving away surplus, which result in;

- Less waste
- More output

Our checkweighers have been especially devised for several applications in different industries. Thus all kinds of products can be weighed. Examples are parcels, bags, bottles, cans, pots, vegetables and boxes. They are also suitable for the most demanding production environment and can easily be combined with metal detectors and vision devices.

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  • Product Characteristics
  • Technical specifications:

    - Construction: AISI304 stainless steel.
    - 15 ″ touch screen.
    - Operating System: Windows Embedded.
    - Elastic bands.
    - Pushers.
    - Air pressure.
    - Flipper.

    Metrological data:

    - Range: from 3 g to 60 kg (depending on the version).
    - Scale division in accordance with Legal Metrology: 3000 parts.
    - Accreditation according to MID regulations Class XIII (1) and Y (a).

    - Maximum belt speed: 60 meters / minute.
    - Maximum processing speed: 200 pieces / minute.

    Electrical specifications:

    - Supply voltage: 230V / 50Hz.
    - Max. consumption: 2 kW.
    - Air pressure: 8 bar.
    - Flow rate: 150 l / min.
    - Operating temperature: 0 to 40 ° C.


    - Ethernet TCP / IP connection.
    - Potential-free inputs and outputs.
    - Machine check control signal.


    - Product management in accordance with European legislation for prepacked products.
    - 100% production control.
    - Number of PLUs: unlimited.
    - Sorting zones: 6 per product.
    - Real-time monitoring of production.
    - Control of the metal detector.
    - Report.
    - Statistical graphs.
    - Export traceability data to Excel.
    - Connection to Ethernet network.
    - Connection to the company's ERP system.

    Extensive software

    Without a doubt, WPL Industries' checkweigher program is one of the most comprehensive and friendliest checkweigher software available!

    The software is one of the main advantages of the CW series.
    A simple teach-in function makes it very easy for end users to learn products into the machine.
    The machines can also be protected by extensive user levels.

    It is possible to consult the data in real time via the optional back office module and to trace back important data such as batch data later.

    Links to higher level systems can be done by means of web services, XML and OPC.

    Naturally, the program has been approved by the Netherlands Measurement Institute.