Belt Weighing

Custom made belt weigh systems which guarantee robustness, reliability and meet the many specific requirements in every business sector..

Monitoring the material flow rate with a belt weighing system ensures accurate and consistent weight output. Ideal for mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control, and truck, barge or rail load-out applications, belt weighing systems are one of the fastest methods of moving and weighing bulk material. Our belt weigh feeders are always custom made on request to suit your application.


• Custom made for your application
• Various belt sizes
• High accuracy
• Ease of use
• Wide range of products & bulk materials

  • Product Characteristics
  • Specifications

    Weighing the total product weight for a specified period
    Precision: Conveyor speed: 0.3 - 0.6m / s
    Electronic digital indicator based on the R10
    Memory with total weight during the weighing period
    Output contact with relay


    Construction: Stainless steel SS 304 or SS 316L
    Conveyor belt: Polyethylene modular belt
    Power supply: 230 VAC
    Protection: Protected against vertical overload, the measuring cells are 100% waterproof IP68
    User-friendly: Easy to use and maintain