Corona virus update

Since the Dutch government has closed schools, bars, childcare, restaurants and sport events until April 6, WPL Industries adjusted the measures for personnel and processes at home and abroad. At the same time, we have urged all WPL employees at home and abroad to cancel all face-to-face appointments with customers, suppliers and other external parties. If you need service we will try to do our best to solve this through email/video etc. to minimize contacts. If this doesn't work we take further steps to continue our support. The upcoming weeks will show how the corona pandemic will develop, both in the Netherlands and worldwide. The management of WPL Industries BV emphasizes that the safety and health of our own people come first, and that we will do everything we can to continue to serve our customers as well as possible. Of course, within the limits of the achievable. In the unlikely event that we cannot meet the standard that you are used to from us, we ask for your understanding.