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The WPL-Industries product range covers a complete range of weighing, sorting and labeling equipment for the modern business. In our factory we build both standard and tailor-made machines and solutions to cover your needs.

We offer Solutions

Marine Scales with motion compensation

WPL Industries BV have developed motion compensated scales for the fishing Industry. Our motion compensated marine scales incorporate motion and tilt compensation for weighing at sea, and due to the automatic gravitaional zone correction in the firmware, you'll no longer need to calibrate your marine scales whilst out at sea. The weight range is from 300gram up to 1500 kg

Made in Holland

The WPL-Industries product range covers a complete range of software, weighing, sorting, labeling and product handling equipment for the modern business. In our factory we build both standard and tailor-made machines to cover all your needs.


WPL’s CW range of Dynamic Checkweighers are easy to use with intuitive full colour touchscreens and icon-driven menus as well as offering fast inspection and product set up, automatically optimising the systems for each product type allowing you to learn and switch within minutes. Our machines are made for products ranging from small and light sachets right through to Heavy weight boxes.

Weighing indicators

Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the range of WPL indicators and transmitters reached a high level of performance with unparalleled technical features, fitting in perfectly into any industrial processes. With this new range of indicators, WPL Industries has ambitious goals to offer a product line with an excellent quality / price ratio, able to satisfy the demands of international markets. Also to create a unique design and to increase the number of functions available by maintaining ease of use and providing user information. WPL Industries provides assistance to preventive maintenance and system monitoring, while taking into account the environmental impact. Beyond technical performance alone, the technologies used were chosen because they improve ergonomics or limit the impact on the environment. It is a complete range of indicators that provides weighing information to management or automation applications via modern channels (USB, Ethernet, Profinet…) and with easy implementation.

Latest News

04/03 2021

A new datalogger module is added to the R10 marine scale series. The R10 marines scales can now be ordered with
a datalogger with the following specifications:

- 16gb of built in memory to store the weighings
- can connected from any computer, smartphone.
- create a WIFI hotspot
- simple web based interface with no need of special software

10/06 2020

Complex weighing tasks easy to configure with our new R10 panel software.

Combining your weighing product with R10 Panel software enables you to exploit the full potential of your weighing application.
This is particularly true for filtering and tuning of static and dynamic measurement tasks. In practical applications, they often require detailed analysation of weighing data.

19/03 2020

Since the Dutch government has closed schools, bars, childcare, restaurants and sport events until April 6, WPL Industries adjusted the measures for personnel and processes at home and abroad.
At the same time, we have urged all WPL employees at home and abroad to cancel all face-to-face appointments with customers, suppliers and other external parties.
If you need service we will try to do our best to solve this through email/video etc. to minimize contacts. If this doesn't work we take further steps to continue our support.