R10 Panel software for the indicators

R10 panel
Combining your weighing product with R10 Panel software enables you to exploit the full potential of your weighing application.
This is particularly true for filtering and tuning of static and dynamic measurement tasks. In practical applications, they often require detailed analysation of weighing data.
In addition to the configuration of the R10 product series, R10 Panel offers further extensive functions. They support you in optimizing the operation and ease maintenance and service time of your weighing application/solution.

  • Product Characteristics
  • Features:
    • Scale adjustment and calibration
    • Selection and scanning of the scales on the network, usb, rs232 and Bluetooth ports
    • Touchscreen enabled entry of parameters
    • Graphical analysis and visualization of measurement results
    • Programming of setpoints
    • Support during the start-up of automatic weighing systems such as checkweighers, fillers, dosing systems and marine scales
    • Export configuration to csv file
    • Examining best options for weighing accuracy
    • Filter settings and selections
    • Export of logfiles and screen captures
    • Remote control of scale functions from connected R10 indicators
    • Support for the R10 CLI language interpreter
    • View of control signals ( inputs and relais )
    • Remote control of the scale indicator
    • Quick setup of frequently used configurations
    • Serial monitor
    • Realtime weight plotter
    • Touch screen support
    • Available for Windows, Mac Osx and Linux