Overhead scale

Overhead scale with 2 load cells for monorail track, reliable and easy to use into meat industry.
The weighing modules are small and easily adaptable to any existing track. Fully flicker free, weigh accurately and quickly. CE Approval.

Capacity Range: 150kg, 300kg, 600kg, 1000kg.

Dimensions: 482 x 152 x 86 (mm).

  • Product Characteristics
  • Overhead scale for mounting on the structure of cutting lanes.
    Adaptable to existing monorail track.
    Load cells complete in stainless steel with IP68 protection and CE Approval.
    5 meters of cable from the scale to indicator included.
    Reduced Height.
    Finished in stainless steel AISI 304.
    Adaptable to any type of rail.
    Can be manufactured for special measures.