Pivoting floorscale SE

Platforms specifically designed to intensive use, the platforms are equipped with 4 shear beam load cells for optimum reliability and accuracy.
Capacity Range: 1500kg, 3000kg.
Dimensions:1000×1200,1500×1200,1500×1500 (mm).

  • Product Characteristics
  • Structure: painted alloy steel
    Surface: smooth upper plate, removable for easy access to the installation, repair and cleaning of the platform.
    Cable: 5 m between addition and display box
    Junction box: IP67 protection guarantees.
    European Conformity: According to the classical definition of a platform according to guide WELMEC 2.4.
    Load Cells: 4 Cell CS model (IP67) special steel.
    Load Cells C3 certified with 1 year warranty.
    4 zinc steel adjustable feet that allows levelling and installation on the floor or recessed